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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on youtube. plane... they hope they're r bowl champs. we're live in reaction from the 49ers lands in new orleans, the next time they hop on a plane they hope they are super bowl champs. we're live in the big easy with reaction from the team. >> everybody in some way is affected by this and everyone gets involved. >> that means big bucks the impact offer people's wallets in san francisco. you can be part of the online revolution. the push to make the day after the super bowl a national
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holiday. the 49ers are resting in their hotel in new orleans. they are days away from super bowl xlvii and hopefully their 6th nfl championship in team history. cbs 5 sports director dennis o'donnell is at the superdome with more >> reporter: i think once the team arrives like the 49ers did tonight you start to feel the energy and room lift a little bit. the baltimore ravens will be coming in tomorrow, but i think the focus remains on colin kaepernick the 49ers quarterback. when you think about the 49ers teams of the 1980s the prodigious offenses joe montana john taylor roger craig jerry rice. colin kaepernick is essentially bringing a college offense to the super bowl. >> do you think collin that the offense from college was going to work in the nfl? >> i thought it would work to
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some extent. i didn't think it was something you could run every play. i mean, there's too many good athletes on defense at this level. >> you've already been here this year just comfortable factor. we've been here, we stayed in this hotel, we've done all that, we know the short ride over there. just hop on the bus go over there and play. this type of game i don't think you're really worried about those type of factors. you roll with the punches and get off and play. >> do you think your players need any kind of ease off on the pressure or are they okay no matter what with this? >> well, deshawn had a quote on our quote board about 2.5 weeks ago that said we get fresher under pressure. so, that bodes well for us. >> reporter: yeah. i love that saying. fresher under pressure. the words of deshawn goldson. remember there are only 49ers
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on this team with any super bowl experience. but they certainly play like a team that is very, very mature coming into this super bowl. so we'll have a lot more coming up all week long. if you love those sounds bites you're going to get a lot more. reporting live from the superdome dennis o'donnell. let's go back back to ann. >> at 11:35 live game day. but we have everything super bowl from dennis to the morning anchor michelle. michelle will join us live from new orleans starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. on cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. well, before they arrived in the big easy the 49ers got a ceremonial send off in the south bay. chopper 5 was overhead as the team boarded a delta charter in san jose. as the team taxied to the runway a couple of fire trucks bid farewell. cbs 5 was there as fans turned out to say good luck. >> reporter: one by one the
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players stepped out of their training facility sunday morning to board the bus to get to the airplane that would ultimately land them in new orleans for the super bowl. and what will truly be the ride of their lives. outside of the 49er fences in santa clara dozens of fans waited to see their team off. >> i had to come support the 49ers. >> it's history. it's something that he'll be able to take with him for the rest of his life that he was out here, he was supporting his team. >> reporter: and all the people that came out to see the 9ers off today had their own special messages for the team. >> the quest for 6 this is going to happen. >> you know what you're doing you got great fans cheering you on. good luck and play hard. don't give up on yourself. >> reporter: the fans were kept out of sight as the players boarded. as media we were let in but instructed not to ask any questions. here's quarterback colin kaepernick having a little fun. jim harbaugh kept a lower
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profile. in fact there is a exclusive shot of the coach before he boarded the bus. back on the other side of the fence fans didn't mind waiting. in fact, the anticipation kind of worked. >> every day or every other day i've been watching repeat of the last game. it's just so great. >> reporter: and when the buses finally rolled past the crowds they did their best to show their love. >> the more they cheer on the more they are going to win. >> reporter: as they drove out of sight on route to the big easy no one got it better than us. the super bowl can mean big money for the city hosting the game, but the bay area stands to win too. cbs 5 reporter is in san francisco with how the iters hometown can cash in. >> reporter: as everyone knows new orleans is not a hometown of either playing in the super bowl through there's indication if your team is good enough to go to the super bowl your town
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will do very well financially. what's a super bowl worth to the rest of us? economists have tried to estimate the value come up with some big numbers like $4,535,000,000 for host city new orleans. another estimate claims people in the hometown super bowl contender like san francisco get an income boost of $120 a year in personal income. why? because we feel better about ourselves. >> it is good for the he economy. absolutely it's good for the economy. you know when there is a relationship between mood and spending when people feel good they tend to spend a little big more. >> they feel good right now. >> they feel really good right now very excited right now. >> reporter: there are the obvious things that fly off the shelves like f shirts and anything that helps folks identified with the 49ers. an estimate fans nationally will spend 11 million dollars on super bowl related purchases. including 51 million cases of beer and 5 million new television sets. >> in general san francisco should be a little big more
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active lively exuberant optimistic place and all those things are good for consumer spending. >> reporter: then there's the stuff fans do while watching the game. consuming one and a quarter billion chicken wings. what's the psychology behind that. >> when we are in a situation like this which is has just grinned if emotions of the entire city, really no one's left behind. everybody in some way is affected by there and everyone gets involved. >> it's pretty much impossible not to. >> reporter: there are intangible pay offs as well like the long term image of america's favorite industry. >> certainly weighing a super bowl national image at least recognition of the city. you're thinking about san francisco as more we're get a little more press right now. >> reporter: so winning is good for the soul of the city and apparently the economy as well ann. >> all right don, thank you so much. you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the
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super bowl right here on cbs 5 in just one week kickoff is at 3:30. well now on to breaking news in the east bay 3 than lanes of i-5 or closed after a deadly crash. chp was called to the accident near cutting boulevard before 9:00 tonight. all four lanes were closed but one has since reopened. there's no word on when the other lanes will open. drivers are being asked to avoid the area. crews are going through the grim task of identifying the bodies of more than 230 people who died in a brazilian nightclub fire. it happened in the southern city of sans take marie and many victims were 20 years old. as tatiana anderson tells us fireworks hit by bands members may have started the fire. >> reporter: police are guarding a burned out nightclub in southern brazil where hundreds of people died. early sunday morning rescue workers scrambled to pull victims out of the burning
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building. club-goers and firefighters worked together to use sledgehammers to tear down a wall to reach hundreds of people trapped inside. witnesses say the kits nightclub in santa maria filled with smoke and fans moments after a member of a bands lit a flair on stage. survivors described a chaotic race to reach the only exits. they claim security guards stopped people people because they thought they were trying to leave without paying their bills. bodies started to pile up and block the door. ambulances rushed the injured to the hospital. doctors say many of the victims died from smoke inhalation and some were trampled. a bouncer said the club was packed with more than 1,000 people. some students were there attending a party. family members broke down as they found out their loved ones
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had died. but this man says his daughter's name has not been released so his family is holding out hope. brazil's president cut short a trip to chile to rush back home. she says the brazilian people will stand together during this national tragedy. still no word on the cause of a fire inside a fairfield comedy club. pepper belly's burned to the ground. the flames shot 40 to 50 feet in the air. incredibly nobody was injured. it took firefighters 5 thundershowers to control the fire. the roof collapsed the building is a total loss. firefighters remain on the scene as a safety precaution. menlo park police continue to search for suspects in a drive-by shooting directly across from the facebook campus. a 24-year-old mother and her 2- year-old son were lit in a hail of gunfire last night about 8:00. their wounds are not life-
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threatening. investigators are looking for a green honda. they say someone in that car opened fire. san jose police have identified the city's third homicide victim as 44-year-old donald harvey. he was stabbed to death thursday night outside a home on south side drive. 4 to 5 suspects attacked harvey for unknown reasons there is no evidence the stabbing was gang- related. a reward is being offered for information. a grace period is over for sunday's meets parking meter parking in san francisco. the flu rule went into effect this year ending free parking on sundays. the city expects it will add millions to the depleted uni budget. gas prices are inching higher. the average price of a gallon gas has gone up 2 cents in the past two weeks. nationally the average price for a gallon of regular is
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3.34. as usual california has the highest average price a gallon of regular is 3.61 up 3 cents. the lowest price in the state is in stockton where it's 3.47 a gallon. after all the super bowl partying is over it's a bit tough to head to work the next day. the online movement to keep you out of the office the monday after the big game. it's not just the 49ers who are capturing the attention of fans. the other bay area sports team who had hundreds lining up. good evening everybody get out that extra blanket a cold night is on tap. plus i'll pinpoint the warmest day we can expect this upcoming week eyewitness news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,
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biggest game of their lives. they carry their own . check this out. rich athletes on their way to the biggest game of their lives and they carry their own bags. secrets some of those players might be packing a lucky charm. we were curious. what lucky collateral would you pack? >> this beanie my grand pa gave it to me from the 80s. >> i've been a ninerss fan since i was young. >> if you were going to wear your colors that would be a good luck charm in my opinion. >> here are some fan photos to share with you. kara newsom is passing down her love for the 49ers to her granddaughter what a cutie pie and here's 18 month old evan also cute celebrating 49ers big win last week with dad and you
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know we are seeing a lot of pet photos. but this one's unusual. this is roxie the tortoise with baby collin on top. both rooting for the 9ers of course and finally here we're showing not totally biased it's a 9ers fan and ravens fan slowing they can play nice and take a picture during inauguration weekend in washington d. c. all right keep your fan photos coming. you can e-mail them to news at super bowl weekend is already an unofficial holiday but there's a petition out there that changed that. the petition points out 111 million americans watched last year's super bowl. it says by making super bowl monday a holiday the streets will be safer on sunday night and people will be more productive on tuesday. people we spoke with seem to agree. >> it's all about beyonce'. so yes. new orleans, houston beyonce'. i think we should have a three
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day festival. >> i believe it should be national holiday because most people like myself and the working class of america have to work and i feel like that we should have the day off so we can celebrate our fellow san franciscans. >> don't count on taking next monday off. the petition has around 2600 signatures that is well short of the 100,000 needed for the white house to even look at it. well for some football players and their coaches it's never too early to start thinking about the super bowl. grade school kids in san mateo for flag football. that's the alma mater of patriots quarterback tom brady. patrick walsh says if tom brady can't be in the super bowl the iters definitely work. >> last week solved the debate who we were going to be cheering for between brady and the iters. it would have been great for the school we always root for tom brady now we're moving our
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chips on the 9ers. >> the flag football program is for kids from prek to ofth grade. in the east bay fans of the oakland a's are pulling for a iters win. the a's sold out their fan fest at oracle arena and fans lined up for a chance to see some of their favorite players up close. but it seems like no matter who your team is everyone's pulling for the 9ers. >> i have a good feeling. i have i am more of a baseball fan rooting for the bay and i don't think the 9ers are going to disappoint. >> next sunday i wanters to take it. cap is a local bay from where i'm from. >> last season was the a's best in almost a decade. they ended up losing to the detroit tigers in the postseason spring training starts in just a few weeks. and of course roberta's team the oakland a's we can use baseball weather throwing
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that in as a suggestion. >> today in oakland it was 59 degrees and that's up from the average high of 5 degrees so already in oakland. >> in fact temperatures across the board stay pretty much in the 50s. good evening everybody. with the clear blue skies tonight after sunset check out what were on the rise did you see it out there just gorgeous. currently we do have falling temperatures very rapidly. we now stand at 48 degrees. low 40s currently in santa ross a. tonight tumbling into the 30s from santa rosa below freezing. fairfield all the way to discovery bay. below freezing throughout the tri-valley. 32 in concord around the peninsula would bottom out in the mid 30s. live cbs 5 camera tonight we
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will have crystal clear skies. the extended forecast calls for a dry and warmer weather pattern. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area banging up against the pacific northwest light rain showers around the northwestern quadrant of the state of california as well. we're stuck in between these two areas of low pressure that are diverting to the east allowing high pressure to expand over the western states. and results even throw we do have the low to the north of us precipitation remains well offshore. here is your monday morning and it looks like we will be clearing out from a few scattered clouds around the peninsula. otherwise lots of sunshine and a couple of degrees warmer for monday if you want to compare it today. but stagnation will not be a problem as far as air quality is concerned. a northwest winds 10 to 20 during the afternoon will scrub up the atmosphere and keep us on the clear blue skies. 50s throughout the central valley. tomorrow a smattering of snow showers in the high sierra. 53 degrees. months ray bay through pebble
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beach. tomorrow's highs just a couple of degrees warmer than what we experienced today. low 60s from oakland through emeryville to el cerrito and including the berkeley area. 56 the peak mountain view and in santa clara you have the five-day forecast the warmest day there work week will be on wednesday. and again we're not anticipating any winter spare the air days as of yet even though it's a very dry weather pattern because air daily northwest winds. we'll introduce a few clouds back in the forecast over the weekend. sunday looks really pretty but they will be watching the super bowl. >> thank you so much. the price of a stamp just got a little higher the cash strapped u. s. postal service is raising the price of a first class stamp to 46 cents starting today. postcards climbed a penny 33 cents. shipping service rates are going up an average of 4%. the post office finds itself billions of dollars in debt. a film about oscar grant
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called "hansel and gretel: h hunters." the action film update on the cl . the movie is called hahn sell get el witch hunter. it had a slug ish box office the movie earned 19 merchandise on its opening weekend but don't take the kids. it's r rated. last week's top film mama was in second place. two oscar nominees silver lining's playbook and zero dark thirty along with parker rounded out the top five. the movie fruitvale about the killing of oscar grant last taken two top prizes at the sundance film festival. >> take the train out there that way you guys can drink hang out. >> the film drama about the last day in the life of grant won both the grand jury prize and audience award in the u. s.
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dramatic competition. first time director ryan coogler is from san francisco. a bart police officer shot and killed grant at the fraught veil station in 2009. another big award for the movie argo. it won the top honor at the screen actor's guild for cast of a motion picture it has a best drama golden globe award. it makes it a favorite for the oscar. the top acting honors went to daniel day-lewis as best actor for lincoln. jennifer lawrence as best actress for silver lining's playbook and ann hathaway best supporting actress forly miss ran and tommy lee jones best supporting actor for lincoln. the tigers on the prowl inson california and the sharks look to continue their winning ways at the tank. ,,,, at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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,,,, with embassy suites.
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more tonight against vancour and he would make nhl histo. the clock . patrick marleau scored two goals in each of the shark's first four games he would make nhl history. ryan clowe had an eventful nature. he comes up with a big lit wins a faith and ties the sharks records with 8 penalties but the sharks would kill all 7 vancouver power place. logan couture goes off patrick marleau's skate corey snyder pushes it into list own net. marlow credited with his only goal of the night. joe thornton to joe pavelski on the power play little gentlemen's second goal as sharks win 4-1. they are 5-0 to start the season for the first time in franchise history. to points and 12 boards for schenn a as stanford beats
10:29 pm
colorado 69-56. tiger woods is getting close to histh win. tiger clipped in for birdie just off the greens hey a 6 shot lead with 11 hell's to play. you can't see there video enough the 49ers have arrived in new orleans. game day is live from the big easy and just about an hour over on cbs 5. >> punctuation with injure pen. >> it's a good time to be a bay area sports fan isn't it. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. find the other ends of your pen. good night. ,, ,,


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